Problem with social medier and contact info

i am experiencing som issues with to widgets on the front page.

Se sreenshot for more detailed explanation.

I just want to make those to widgets look like the demo, is it a bug or have a made a mistake somewhere ?

Looking forward to get an answear!

Best Regards


I just checking the screenshot but I didn’t get what is the problem, can you explain it?

Hi Awan,
I figured out but now i have a new problem.

How do i fix the page attribute for the default blog page ? i want it full width.
Or have i overseen a page builder/sydney theme solution ?


you can to make it full width from customize > blog options. Or you can use css code also:

.container.content-wrapper {
    width: 100%;

Which file do i chnage for the css ?

Hi, sorry for incomplete instruction.

you can put the code above using custom css plugin to make sure the code above not replaced when you update the theme