Problem with smooth scrolling after installed the 1.34 version of the theme

Hello guys!

I would like to help me with an issue i have in wordpress sydney theme.
I have an one page site under construction on my desktop.
When i had the previous version all was fine.
But with this version the smooth scrolling isn’t working.
It jumps automatically to the section.

Is there any way i can fix this?

i know that there is an answer about it but it doesn’t work for me.

Best wishes.


The smooth scroll code now only works for the menu and for buttons. See second item from the changelog:

If it’s not working from the menu or buttons, you probably just need to clear your cache.

Hello vlad and thank you for your quick response!

Ok, i wrote this line of code inside the text: or this and it didn’t happen something.

So, i dont know if i placed it well. Can you give me an example of this?

i will be grateful!

I can’t insert that line of code that i wrote. So just give me an example if you can…

This line of code < /a>

or this < /a>

Basically this is what you need to do to activate smooth scroll for a link:
<a href="#yourtarget" class="smoothscroll">Click here</a>

Vlad thank you but it didn’t work for me.

See the full code of mine:

At primary menu i write this:http://localhost/somefolder/#sintelestis
At the main text t write this:<a name="#sintelestis" class="smoothscroll"></a>
I also clear the cache but the problem remains…

Another idea?

You don’t need to add the class for the target.

It’s like this:

Nothing has changed if the link is in the menu, only custom links are affected by the change.
Is you website live so I can check?

Vlad at last it works!

I follow your instructions and i also cleared the cache of my browser.

So, i think that this topic is resolved!

Sorry to me doesn’t work. When I add: Cosa garantisce the button disappear. My original code was <span style=“color: #3f719d;”>Cosa garantisce</span> the button was ok but the smooth scroll didn’t work, Thank you

May I have an answer please?

@vlad any news on this?


Sorry, I just noticed this now.
Open a new topic please and explain your issue and share a link to your site so we can see what’s going on.