Problem with sliders and preloader

hi there and thanx for this great theme.

i installed the free version for the moment, and everything is pretty straight forward except that i don’t understand why:
the header slider text, the employees and testimonials sections as well as the cute preloader - are not working at all.
couldn’t find a clue in these forum and would really appreciate any help.

thanks in advance


It’s because you’re on RTL. You need to switch it to LTR by adding this in a custom CSS plugin:

.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper-outer {
    direction: ltr;

thanx Vlad!
this definitely solved most of it - but still no text slider nor the preloader… should i ltr something else for those?


What text slider? I’m not seeing one on your website.

Not sure about the preloader as I cannot test it now. Give this a shot:

.preloader .spinner {
     right: 50%;
     left: auto;

cheers, worked perfectly!
the text slider supposed to be on

also, how do i show all pictures of employees and in a rounded border?
thanks so much

Use this:

.text-slider-section {
   direction: ltr;
.team-item .avatar {
  border-radius: 50%;
  overflow: hidden;

thanx vlad.
now i can see the text slider but still can’t get it to slide.

as for team items - for some reason the border doesn’t round all the way, and the slider doesn’t slide at all - what am i doing wrong?

actually, the employees widget doesn’t seem to work neither

forgot the link…

Not really sure what are you expecting to slide? As far as I see you have only one image in the header slider and only one text. Could be that those scripts don’t work very well in RTL though, can’t really say.
You need square images in order to turn them into perfect circles.