Problem with services and my admin area

Hi everyone.

I have written a post about this before, but things got complicated for me a bit.

I had a problem that I couldn’t create any services to display them in the services widget.

I have been redirected to the aThemes page to watch the vid about creating services, clients etc.

The problem is… I don’t have these options in my admin area. I don’t have clients and services section.

I have googled for some data, and I have found in the YouTube commnets section that I have to download and import a “settings file” from the documentation section on the Sydney theme page.

I just simply cant find it, the post has been modified since that vid, and I am just getting a headache from looking for all this :slight_smile:

I will be very grateful if you could help me with this, because it is the only thing that is stopping me from getting my page done.

To sum it up.
I have seen the vid about creating services and clients.
-i don’t have those options in my admin area tho.

I have seen the vid about importing settings file from the documentation page but…
-I cant find the link on the sydney documentation page, it looks different than it used to on the video
-and I don’t have the “Import” option in my “types” section in the admin area.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jacob,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Its already several times the Toolset Types plugin moved the navigation to import the theme setting. So we decide to used our own plugin to be able working on using the theme widget.

Again, it’s already documented in here, please read it carefully and let me know if you need more help.


I am also sorry for messing everything up. I am a noob, so please forgive me.

Ok, I did everything, installed plugins (toolbox and page builder) but I still do not have services menu in my main admin area. Do I need to instal portfolio plugin as well?

Where can I find a “settings” file? I can’t find in on a documentation page you have linked me to. I can see there only “demo content” file, but don’t want to install this because I don’t want it to change my content I have already put in.

I have also installed portfolio plugin.

The whole problem is that I don’t have these options in my admin area. The rest is clear, how to display services etc. But I can’t add any, because of missing option in the admin area.

My options are as follows:


Nothing more, no Services, Clients, Employees etc. I also cant find the “settings” for download. Maybe you have changed the link and file name?
For download I can see on the page only:
demo content
portfolio plugin (installed)
child theme
premade layouts
sydney pro
customizer plugin

Regads, Jacob

Hi Jacob,

Please make sure you deactivate the Toolset Types pluglin after you activate the Toolbox plugin and don’t need settings file anymore after you activate the Toolbox plugin.

Damn… It helped. Thank you a lot my friend, I owe you a beer :slight_smile:

Have a good day.

Thanks again!

Regards, Jacob

Hi there,

  1. ) I have issue downloading demo content on sydney theme. I have services, employees, testimonials, clients, projects… but nothing inside…
    2.) Also when i add new service it is not shown on the main page.

It looks lijke i’m doing something wrong. Can you help me please