Problem with 'recent posts type A' widget

The recent posts type A widget cuts off the top of the words of the headlines in the links to the recent posts on the right hand side of the main post (see image)

How can I fix this issue?


Hi, I’ve the same issue for my website
See image

Hi all!

Sorry for the late responses.

I’ve checked the pict and the link in above but I can’t figuring out which words that not displayed properly? could you please to show me the issue? Can you put a mark on the picture?


I’ve circled the problems. The top of the words are cut off slightly. In fact I noticed it in the demo version after I made my site with the theme. You can also see the problem in the live site now:


Oh I see…
you can fix it by adjusting the value of the margin-top from the css code below:

.lastest-posts .content-right h3{
  margin-top: 0px;

you can put the code in your child theme, or you can use simple custom css plugin also.

Thanks Awan, a great job as always. I used the simple custom css plugin.