Problem with portfolio

Thank you for a beautiful theme.

I apologize in advance for possible obvious questions.
I can not configure portfolio.

I download and install the portfolio plugin.
Then copy The shortcode:
[sydney-masonry posts = "8" show_all_text = "See all" post_type = "projects" filter = "yes" include = ""],
and I put it as a text message on My front page.

After that, on the my front page appeared the title of the photogallery.
What I need to do next to display photos?

I tried to add photos via Projects - add new - add a media file.
Also, I try to change the line post_type = "projects" in the shortcode on post_type = "post" and add photos as regular posts. But the pictures in photogallery still does not appear.
Tell me, what I doing wrong?

Maybe you could record a video on setting up a portfolio and add it into the documentation topics? If it possible, of course.


I think you need to upload the image as “featured image” instead of “media file”

Thanks a lot Awan, it really helped

I did so:
Posts-Add new - Page builder - Add a row - Add a wiget - SiteOrigin Image widget and added image. Then I mark a posts as a featured image.
The method is not very convenient, because I can not add multiple images at once. For each image I need to add a row and widget.
Maybe there is a simple and convenient solution?

I still did not understand how to add an image through Projects . Is there any documentation on this service?


I think you do not need to using siteorigin image widgets to create a portfolio section.

All that you need is add “Text widget” to the row of page builder then add the provided shortcode.

After that, you can add the portfolio/project item from “Projects” menu then upload your featured image.

Thanks, Awan. But I already have added a shortcode to a text file, I wrote about it in the first message.
I have a problem with adding images.
You write: “add the portfolio / project item from” Projects "menu then upload your featured image."
How to do it correctly? Сould You write a step by step guide?

its simple, just like when you create a post then upload a picture as featured image.

Here is the step:

  1. click the “project” menu
  2. add / edit the project item
  3. see in the bottom right of the page, you’ll see the “featured image” box You can upload your image from here.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation!