Problem with parallax effect


I´m having some troubles with the parallax effect in the home page, it seems like it does not load properly and the image instead of moving fluently jumps and breaks itself. Is there anyway to fix this? I already resized the images as much as I can.



Can I see a link to your website please?

Nevermind, I remembered your link. But please mail the password for your front page.

Alright, I got your mail. I’m going to answer here in case anybody else is interested. Revolution Slider was messing with the parallax backgrounds on Chrome. We had an update this morning that fixed that, so you only need to update your theme.

Also, the main reason of this morning’s update was to add proper support for multiple columns in the page builder, and to also add proper support for page builder use on other pages.

Thanks for the reply, you are doing a great work. Every time I ask something there is an update for that! :slight_smile: