Problem with new services and categories


Hi Vlad,
I can add new services but unf. I cant give them a category. I tried it like I did it for all other services but unf. it doesnt work anymore. After choosing “bulk action”, “edit”, “setting the category” and Update it doesnt get saved. Do you have a chance to log in and have a look? You will see one service called “Sim card”… for me there is no chance to give it a category.
Thanks for your help!


I see what you mean. But it seems it’s specific to your website, I can add new Services with categories on my server.

Also, it appears you cannot change categories for your old services either.

I’ll see if I can figure it out, but can you remember if you installed some plugins or made any changes since you’ve set up categories for your services?


Seems that no categories show for regular posts either. So the issue is coming from somewhere else. You should try disabling your plugins one by one and see if the categories appear in the single service editor.


ok, after deactivating all plugins and do further testing I found the problem. Its not related to any plugin! Setting the service-category NEVER works with “QuickEdit” for a single service. But it works if I set the category via “BulkAction -> Edit” (just for one single service). Its quite strange especially when you say that the “QuickEdit” works on your side…?!
But anyway I found a way to set the category.
Thanks for your help!