Problem with my Top Menu

Hi !

First, I need to apologize, because i’m french and i don’t have a fluent english…

Since yesterday night I have a little problem. Fashionistas theme allow me 2 types of menu “top menu” and “main menu”. Usually, I hide the “top menu” and keep only the “main menu”.
So yesterday, I made some modifications on my menu and since, the “top menu” reappeared. So now, I have the top menu and the main menu on my website.

I was in the menu settings and I seleted only “main menu”.
Before yesterday, everything was fine and worked. I don’t understand what’s happened.
Is that make sense for you ?

Thank you in advance !

This is the link of my website :

Hello there,

You should be able to deselect top menu and to save changes in order to remove top menu, but if this does not work for you for some reason, you can apply custom css code below:

nav#top-navigation {
    display: none;

and top menu will be hidden. You can apply the code with this plugin

All the Best!

Oh that’s wonderful ! That’s works !

Thank you so much !!!

You’re welcome,

And thank you for using our theme.

All the Best!

I have the same problem today and solved it without custom css.
I have created Top menu without any items and checked Top menu theme area.
Top menu disappeared.