Problem with my sidebar that moved below my article

Hello, I would like to contact you to ask you a question. Indeed I don’t know why but my sidebar moved from the right to the bottom of the page (just below the article)

I would like to put my sidebar back in its original position but I can’t find a way to do it, can you please help me?

My website :

Thank you !


I’ve accessed your site (from my laptop) and the sidebar displayed in the right position.

The sidebar will automatically be displayed below the article in the small-medium screen only, this theme was designed like that to attract responsive views.


Thank you very much! I had no idea it was doing that at all. So my question is a little silly, but maybe it will help other people. I’m just starting out in this field so I don’t have a full command yet

Thank you again very much and have a good day.

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