Problem with more than 3 posts in widget "Intro FP: Latest Posts"

Strange behavior with 6 posts:
Why are those holes there?

Increasing the margin bottom does not help.

When the featured imgae is 500×500 (as all images I have are) then it leaves a blank below. If the image is 500×498 it works. Even though the thumbnail display is scaled down to 300px across. I dont understand this. I cant possible change all 650 images in the site.

How can this be fixed?
Site goes live 06 January.
Please help.


Sorry for late responses.

Seems like It caused because the images are having different size (width and height).

To fix this, I suggest you to make the images to have same size. You can try these css code below:

.page-id-4977 .entry-image img {
    height: 350px;

300px worked beautifully.

Great! :slight_smile: