Problem with moesia widget

Hello !
I’m creating my webside. I have a problem : I can’t use the widget service, client… because I don’t find where I can see the tab with this service. I join to you a sreenshot :

This is my webside : but for this moment it is in construction

Ps : Sorry for my English :wink:

Thanks in advance for your answers.


It is important to install required plugins, and to import settings file. You can check Moesia theme documentation here

Import for types is changed so go to Types > Settings > Import

If you don’t see post types from WP admin try to disable all your additional plugins because of possible plugin conflict.

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Thank you for your answer,
I have all the plugins required. But when I import the moesia.xml page I always have a problem. I don’t know if the widgets are well instal.

I have just find my error ! :smiley:
I have import the file : moesia-demo.xml and not settingsv10.xml

Thank you for your help !
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