Problem with mobile menu/fixed header after update

Hello there,

First of all thanks for your great theme, been using it for a site for a couple of month’s now, and so far really enjoying it.

I work in a child-theme, but after i updated to the latest, ive been having some trouble with my mobile menu/fixed header.
Before the update it worked fine, but now it seems to flicker when i scroll down page, and sometimes even disapear.

I cant seem to figure out whats triggering this, and i have tried disabling all my plugins, but that didnt seem to do the trick.
But when i try changing the whole theme back to Sydney instead of the child version, it dont flicker anymore.

my site is

Hope you have an idea whats wrong :slight_smile:
Looking forward hearing from you!

Kind regards


Hi Jonas,

​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patience.

I checked your mobile menu and it seems working fine now.

Let me know if you still need any help with this.

aThemes Support