Problem with menu: one-page site

Hi everybody,

First I like to say it is that I really love this theme! It is so great and so adjustable! I am playing with theme few days and I have a little problem with menu. I would like to have just one scrolling page (I don’t know how exactly is that type of site called), but I dont know how to set that top menu was created from blocks (widgets). Because every page I made, put it in a menu and published it creates me a site which is no one-page but something like solo pages. And I would like create just one scrolling page…
How can I set that top menu will contain the title of widgets, and when you click on the title of widget you it will automatically scroll you down/up on that one site?

I hope someone will understand me…

Thank you for your time and help.


You simply need to add links in your menu and each link will hold the ID of one row. Then when you click the menu item it will scroll to that row. Post a link to your site in case you don’t know how to get the IDs.

Hi Vlad, thank you for reply!
ID, what is it? Where can I find it and set it? And I must have one widget in one page, or can I have all using widgets in one page?
I am sending link of my site. Don’t be scared because is it in slovak language:

I see you managed to do it.

Yes yes, I googled what ID is and I somehow set it. Thank you :slight_smile:

I got this same problem. I know my ID’s, but I don’t know how to make a link of it. My website is

As you see my widgets got Dutch names like Projecten, Missie & Visie etc.
ID’s are

How can I make a link of this which scrolls automatically to the widget on the front page?

Thanks in advance.

Go to Appearance > Menus and add custom links to your menu from the Links tab. The url will be the ID, like or just #pg-2040-0 if you’ll only want one page.

Great, did it. Thanks!