Problem with localhost installation


I’m running my very first WP on localhost for testing. Everything is fine but the one issue with the video link. As long as I activate the background video for the header the frontpage remains empty. The link is http://localhost:8888/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/test.mp4
When deactivating this option the frontpage is shown as usual with image etc.
Unfortunatels I don’t have a second installation on a seever, so I could not check, if this would work. Is there a problem/bug with localhost links? Or - second option: s it because I’m not linking to a OGV as well?

Thanks for your help. Many greetings from Germany

Hello Carla,

There shouldn’t be a problem with localhost links for your video - the theme itself was developed on a localhost. On the other hand I don’t know what your configuration is so maybe there is some issue there.

You can also use the bundled Revolution Slide to set up a header video (which is actually recommended, the header video option was built before we included Revolution Slider in the theme).

In conclusion, I can’t help much since I cannot see your website but you shouldn’t worry about it, it will definitely work on a live server.

Hello Vlad,

wow what a quick response - thanks a lot. The link is definately correct, I just checked it again and again (btw I uploaded the video as usual via WP and copied the link from the media panel;-).
Okay I will try the Revolution Slider - but will this do the same? Fullsize video in the background with scaling?


Yeap, full size, not full size, however you want it :slight_smile:

Okay - again thanks a lot. The problem is still there - even with Revolution Slider: As long as I choose a picture from the media section - it works. When I choose the video … it won’t. Any idea?


Oh sorry seems to be a general problem with video. I placed the video in a post -> the video is shown in backend, in frontend NOT (only the player is shown with a black screen). When I drag the video to my browser window it works as well as in the WP backend - I have no clue what the problem is, but it obviously isn’t an issue with your theme.