Problem with Kiri inserted CSS fonts absolute URL after import


I started working on a website on a testing server and then just made an import to the real server this afternoon. I was adding the SSL certificate and checking for mixed contents and I realized there’s a big problem with two broken links that the theme is generating.

In the CSS style inserted from the Kiri component, the theme seems to be looking for two local font files from an absolute route in the past server, which is totally undesired. I tried cleaning the cache and disabling other plugins, just in case, but it still happens. The only way I got to avoid those console logs was changing the theme (and I don’t plan on doing so, I like it a lot and it’s already plenty styled from the testing server!).

Here’s the website link, where you can see the errors in the console:

And here is the snippet of the source code that is causing problems:

How can we reset these routes? And if it is necessary that the font is loaded from the local instead of a remote url, shouldn’t it be relative to the server and not absolute? It can cause problems with domain changes and such…

Thanks for your time and support,


Hi there,

I guess it depends on the way you’ve imported your site.

By any chance, have you tried to re-save the font options?


Hi, Vlad,

I imported it using the default All-In-One WP import plugin, that comes by default in the Wordpress latest versions. This is the only problem I’ve had with the importation, the rest went perfectly fine.

And yeah, I tried re-saving it. I also tried changing fonts to check and if I use different fonts the error stops. But when I change them back to the ones I want, it still looks for them in the previous site.

Any idea how to solve this?



Just to confirm, is this the plugin you’re referring to:

If it is, I’ll have to test as I’m not really sure what’s going on.


Yes, it’s that plugin. To emulate the same behaviour I guess you just need to export a wordpress site after installing the theme and saving any fonts from Google. If you then import the file to a different site, the theme will still link to a local file of the fonts in the previous URL.

By the way, I found a roundabout solution by selecting other fonts in the theme and then forcing the fonts I want in the CSS with a direct import from the Google CDN, but of course, from the theme perspective it is not ideal.

Thanks for your time, Vlad.