Problem with import demo

Hi, I’m trying to import demo content as documentation. I downloaded the moesia-demo.xml and followed the video to use wordpress importer and tried to import.

However after I clicked the button Submit, instead of the “All done. Have Fun” page, I am seeing a “Oops! That page can’t be found.” page.

Can someone help me?

Here is my website.


Could be a problem with your host. Could you send an admin account for me at vlad[at] so I can have a look?

Resolved! Lightning fast, thanks for the help, Vlad! :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad
I’ve got the free version of Sydney which is really great. I think to get the best out of it I should have uploaded the demo content first, but can’t find a way to do this. I know I go to Settings, Tools, choose Wordpress and Install, but I can’t find the file to import with the demo content in it.
Is this something which isn’t offered with the free version?
Thanks a mill

It’s right there in the documentation in the first chapter :slight_smile: Please note that you’re in a completely different forum.

Jeez, so it is, thanks so much - really appreciate it. Having a mental block! Thanks for the theme, it’s really great

I do have problems with importing the demo content…
I am a wordpress newbie and would love to import the demo content and to fill it later with my own content.
It seems that the file moesia provides on his documentation website is not ok?

Thank you for your help.
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How did you resolve this problem?

I do have problems with importing the demo content…
I downloaded the file - moesia provides it on his documentation website: - … the file opens in an extra browser window and it is written":
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
This is a WordPress eXtended RSS file generated by WordPress as an export of your site.

I tried to open it with Dreamweaver and to change it to an .sml file.

Didn’t work.
I am a beginner and don’t know what to do. Please, tell me if the file a themes provides on the documentation website is ok and working. What do i have to do?

Thank you for your help.
my site is