Problem with image padding on mobile

Good morning!

I’ve been looking around multiple forums today and tried to tweak the css code as much as I could, but I think I need professional help :slight_smile:

I built the following website using SiteOrigin PageBuilder and Sydney Pro: It looks good on desktops and tablets, but padding is out of control on mobile. I can live with ugly text padding, but my problem is that the photos and the video disappear altogether.

Would this be a problem linked to the page builder or to the theme css?

Happy to provide more details if needed.



Dear Romain,

Which image did you mean? Could you please take a screenshot of it? As the support forum doesn’t allow direct image upload, alternatively you can upload it to the free file hosting service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Then share the link into it, please. Doing so, I could be more exact.


Thank you for your answer. Here is a screenshot:

It’s happening to all images (except the header). They get so small that it’s impossible to see them. I was wondering if it’s because of the horizontal padding I set in the SiteOrigin PageBuilder tool or if it’s a CSS rendition problem.



Problem fixed, thank you for your time!

It was a CSS issue.