Problem with front page

I just installed sydney and have a problem with the front page. I choose, in apparence to display a static front page but the theme displays all my pages.

Did you already see that ?

You probably missed a step or something. Post a link to your site please.

Here is a link to my site :

I don’t understand, I tried it on different servers, also with wamp server, and it’s always the same, however i specify to display a static page on front page, I always got my wholes pages appearing.

Thanks for advices.

That’s strange, do you have some custom code changes? Or perhaps the issue comes from a plugin, that’s not how the theme works as you can see.
Can you send me an admin account at vlad[at] so I can have a look?

Ok, it’s done. You’ve had both the front page and the blog page set to the same page from Customize > Static Front Page. I just assigned a different blog page.

Oh, sorry for this mistake that I repeat on eoch install !

Thank you very much.

No problem. Ratings are appreciated: