Problem with Featured Images

When I go to set the featured image on any of my pages, a blank image appears in my media library…

When I select the image I want to use, it doesn’t work. The image doesn’t appear beneath “Featured Image” on the post page, and it doesn’t go through to any widgets. I feel like the presence of this blank image is causing the problem, because it doesn’t appear in my media library when I access it on my Wordpress dashboard, but rather it only shows up when I’m selecting a featured image. Any posts I have that already had featured images keep their images, but it is now impossible to change them. Any ideas?

I’m having exactly the same problem. I was using a placeholder image for the featured employee images and tonight I tried to change them to the real ones and all I get is a blank spot. When I select the image it looks like I’m getting the right one but when I go back to the employee page the “select featured image” link is still there and no photo. When I click it again a blank image square is selected but it doesn’t appear in my image library so I can’t delete it. Very annoying. I wonder if it has something to do with a recent update either in WP or the Sydney theme.


Looks like a bug in Types.
You can get an older version of the plugin until they fix it.