Problem with employee section!

Hi,i have a problem with employee section.I put it on edit page(employee widget) but cant see any content(doesn’t show on a front page).Pls help and sry for bothering.


Do you have any employees created? If you do have and you placed the widget in the page builder then they will show up.

Hi,i did it all what you said but still i cant put section employee on front page.I remember that I do some changes on Type(Types & Taxonomies) and from that moment i cant do anything. icon for employee was changed and the place for section employee on a fron page is this.Do you know any solutions how to fix this problem and once again sry for bothering.
Have a nice day!

I guess the easiest way would be to import the settings file again so you can get the original options. Maybe even delete the ones you modified first, and then import the settings.

Hi,have a question.So if I import the settings again,do I lose all my data on my front page?

It isn’t exactly lost, but if you modified the custom post types and saved your data under your new custom posts, then re-importing the settings will stop you from accessing your old posts. So they’re not lost, but you probably won’t be able to use them. Depends on what you did though.