Problem with demo content loading

Problem with demo content loading.
I did not perform all of the demo content, even though I performed operations according to all instructions
Some of those

  1. timeline
  2. About the bottom
  3. The thickest area of the bottom of the page

In short I want all the content displayed on the demo page to load. After that I will make arrangements

You can check from

Could you provide the full demo content if I share the username and password?

User [hidden]
Pass [hidden]

You can add, delete and update all.
Thank you in advance…

Hello @orhnplt,

  1. Please describe how exactly you loaded demo content.

  2. Please don’t publish your credentials, it’s very insecure.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Okay, I saw that Kharis already handled your issue. Can you please confirm that it’s resolved?

Yes solved thanks

Great! You are welcome @orhnplt,

Kind Regards, Roman.