Problem with changing icons 2018

Hi there,

I have a problem with changing service’s icons with custom images. I’ve been using this code in Custom CSS editor:

    .fa-archive:before {
      content: '';
      /* Remove default icon */
      display: block;
      width: 180px;
      height: 84px;
      background-image: url('');
      background-size: contain;
      background-position: center center;
      margin-top: 45px;
      margin-left: -30px;

Before last update maybe (didn’t sure when), this code was worked fine, but now that isn’t the case. I’ve was notice changes in code through console, but I don’t know how to target the right one in css. Please help.

Thank you in advance,

Hello Nikola,

Viewing the source code of your site, I found site caching applied. You should have flushed it after doing some code changes/additions, as it usually blocks the changes to take effect.