Problem with categories in creating a portfolio

Thanks for a great theme.

I have been creating a portfolio on this page:

Problem is only the first categories works. The other categories have pictures but they do not show. Strange thing is if for example I delete other categories leaving only one it will work, but when I add a second categories problems start. For example “golf fitness” has 7 pictures but only 2 show, Winter Camp Life has 13 but none show.

This is the short code I have been using:

[sydney-masonry posts=“10” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=“winter-camp-life,lesson,golf-fitness,food”]

Hope you can help

I have just worked out that it is only showing 10 pictures, the first 10 when I increase it to 50 in the short code all the categories work. So my question now is how to remove “See All” because I do not want 50 pictures on the page lol I tried removing show_all_text=“See All” but nothing changed?

Thank you


Please repost your issue in Sydney forum instead.