Problem with buttons and Icons

I have added the link to each button in the header area and the icons in the services area as well. but the buttons and icons doesn’t seem to respond upon clicking it! Does anyone have any solution?

Make sure you re-download the latest version, the header buttons issue was fixed a few days ago. Sorry, but until the theme goes live on we have no way of sending updates.

The icons are not linked, the links you add for the services are for the service titles, not for the icons.

Thank you @Vlad. If I install the latest version will I loose all my progress until now?

Nope, you won’t lose anything.

Hi Vlad, I had the same problem (buttons not going anywhere on click)
… if I download the latest version of the Intro Theme, will I lose all the manual customisation of .css and other .php files?? FYI: I have removed some code from some files to “clean it up” (deleted things I didn’t want to display).


Yeah, you’ll lose any changes you made to the code. That’s why you should always use a child theme.

Until you decide about a child theme you can go to header.php and remove data-scroll to fix the issue.


Is there any way to change the colour of the first call to action button (currently white) on the header, beneath the animated string text?