Problem with bulleting list

Bullet list isn’t showing, but numbering list is showing and i don’t know why is that?

Any suggestion?


I’ve just visiting your site and I don’t see where the bullet list is.

Hi Awan,

Thank you for replying.

That is why i have created this topic, because i couldn’t see bullet list at all. I have created bullet list, but can’t see it.

And here is for example:

<h2 style=“text-align: center;”>CONTENT:</h2>

  • <h4><span style="color: #d65050;">Why WordPress?</span></h4>
WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything. There is also a service called which lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in seconds, but varies in several ways and is less flexible than the WordPress you download and install yourself. So all in all, with wordpress you can start a little buiseness, social network, movie website and everything you have on mind, but you also need to keep in mind that if you want some additional work beside wordpress, then you will need to know programming languages as PHP, HTML and CSS.. Also you need to keep in mind, that as i said WordPress is the easiest web platform for starting your website or blog, but you will need to bi persistance, working hard, find some motiviation, that would be requirement for every job you are starting to work.
  • <h4><span style="color: #d65050;">How much money you will need for building website and registering domain?</span></h4>
It depends, but i will tell you estimate how much will you need. Almost every web hosting service could cost you to $5 pre month. For registering domain you will also need to pay something. It depends what domain you chose, but for domain as .net or .com it is $18. Now i think it is time to mention a little about themes and plugins. Because you are not a designer, neither a web developer, you will need to use some tools for building website. Those tools are mostly plugins and wordpress self. They are all free, but probably you are asking why then i mention them here? It is because you have a few markets which are offering premium themes and plugins. Also you need to know that there are also a huge numbers of free plugins and themes and that's why wordpress is awesome. But buying the premium themes and proffesional plugins are much trustful and with less bags. This doesn't mean that free plugins and themes are bad. It means that premium themes and proffesional plugins have some advantages, but they could also have some failure. When you start working with wordpress and get into it, you will find out what plugin is best for you and what theme is best for you. I just want to give you a detail information, in this section, where all you can have expenses. The last thing that i forgot and may cost you, may not is logo. You could create one by yourself and it is also not hard, or you can hire someone to create one for you. It depends how big is your budget.
  • <h4><span style="color: #d65050;">Where to begin?</span></h4>
First of all, the bad practice is to start working on something without directives, plans and research so that would be the first step from where should you start first(Planning and Reasearching). Second step is to find good web hosting. The third is to find a proper and original name for the website. The fourth would be to have some instructions how to create the website, but because of this content i have made, i think i will help some people to start working on their website and build it fast and easy.
<h2>Giving the name of website and registering a new domain:</h2>
  • <h4><span style="color: #d65050;">Choosing proper name for website</span></h4>
It is no problem if you register your domain with some name you don't like. It is possible to change it throw wordpress, so don't worry about it. Choosing a proper name for the website is always the hardest job, but maybe it will help you if you reasearch. Search for categories your website belongs.
  • <h4><span style="color: #d65050;">Choosing proper web hosting for your webiste</span></h4>
I would like to suggest few web hosting i'm using for my work. I have been also reasearching and find them. You could also research and find maybe some other web hosting you think it is the best for you.
  • <h4><span style="color: #d65050;">Installing wordpress</span></h4>
Installing wordpress will go throw control panel which you will taken right after you get register to some web hosting.