Problem when Add Project or in Edit project

Hi Everybody
When i want to add a new project or when i need to edit/modify a previous project, i have bo possibility to write something ! In edit mode ( text or visual ) i have just a white page without the possibility to write something.
On the other hand , the edit part to make the text in bold / center the text etc does not exist ?
Can you please help me please ? Sorry for my pore english !
best regards

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the problem you’re having. This usually caused by plugin conflict. To confirm which the problematic one firstly try temporarily disable all active plugins except the ones which Sydney requires. Then run your test by editing one of your project. If this run well, then try re-enable them one by one and re-run your test.


Thanks for yr answer Kharisblank
So i did what you told me , and only the following extensions have been keep activated :slight_smile:
SiteOrigin Page Builder
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
Sydney Toolbox
So i have all my projects , but when i need to modify one of them , i have no possibility to modify the text ( bold / Italic / center / left / right etc etc ) - THis part does not exist anymore ?? Can you please help me ?
thanks in advance