Problem on the front page


Hi again,

I have a problem on a front page-more precisely,how to change a name of about us,services,our facts…and can i remove one of them,and how to set action button(can i rename this too)?



You don’t have a problem :slight_smile: Simply click on Edit Page and you’ll see all your rows listed there. Edit the ones you want, remove the ones you don’t want.


The problem is,i dont see any rows there.When I click on Edit Page,all i can see is
text editor with html and visual options and a blank page where to writte,thats all.I watched a video tuts about this theme but when i go to my wp panel and go to edit page I see only text editor without any rows.


And also i want to change the name of all this options(for example about us want to change to-O nama) in other words i want to tranlate it.


Then how do you have services on all that on your front page? Have you installed the Page Builder plugin? Can you post a link to your website?






So you are on your front page, you click Edit Page and you don’t see a page builder tab there? If it doesn’t than something else is wrong.


Oke,i found the way how to handle this problem.And i have 1 thing to say:“This theme is awesome,realy its beautiful”


And i have 1 more question.
How to make a change to my front page(header).I want to make a header like on this pic. How to put grey area behind menu cards.


pls help i need somethin like that.


Oh,i found it out,sry if a was so annoying.But still i can’t manage section employee.What i need to do,and once again sorry for bothering.I think that am the only dude here who is soooo annoying and sry about that.



How did you end up getting the page builder tab to show back up in the editor? I have been using and have built somewhat a site using the tab but it has disappeared.


Same problem , blank home page in editor , how you solved it ?