Problem on header image


The header image has a problem on fixing the height of it.

See on


I’m not sure I understand, what exactly is not working for you?


My monitor is full HD. When i open my site, the header image stays with 2 white borders on the sides.


Go to Customize > Header Area and find this option: Check this box to set [background-size: cover] instead of [background-size: contain] for the header image. Check it and that should be it.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


You might also want to get the latest version from here. I just noticed a small issue and fixed it.


It comes like an updates via wordpress? Or I have to download and install manually?


Manually, just like you installed it the first time. Updates via WP won’t be available until the theme is live on, and that will take time because there is a long queue ahead.