Problem of rapidity on website

Hi Kharis,

It is very strange.
I’ve installed Google Analytics to verify datas and also speed of my website.
IT seems that they are big problems od rapidity moreover on mobile.

1/ Have you an idea why the indicator of rapidity is different when it analyses etc …

2/ why does still exist http// because we have transferred our website on https.

here are the screen shot

Best regards,

Hello there,

It looks like your site hasn’t HTTPS enabled yet.


Read this article that will help you enable it.

Regarding speed comparison with non-https, this post has complete explanation.


Hi Kharis,

I follow the instructions and installed the plugin “really simple SSL” and I have activate the SSL certificate.
Could you please verify that you don’t have anymore the message that the site is not secure please ?

Thanks a lot,

Best regards


Hello Isabelle,

The HTTPS is now enabled.