problem integration variable product woocommerce

I have a problem to display a booking calendar on woocommerces variable products coming from a “bookin activities” plugin.
Here is the answer of “booking activities”:
I noticed that in the free version theme, in the file wp-content \ themes \ sydney \ inc \ woocommerce.php it misses the line
do_action (‘woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button’);
which is well present in the original code (wp-content \ plugins \ woocommerce \ templates \ single-product \ add-to-cart \ variation-add-to-cart-button.php).

That’s why Booking Activities does not work. I guess the problem is the same in the pro version, you can contact them to report the error.


Thank you for letting us know. We believe we found the issue and we’ll be updating the theme shortly.