Problem height images

Good afternoon, thank you very much in advance.
My page is the NEXT: (THEME: SYDNEY)

I want my images 100% height. Responsive at differents screens.
Like this page:

I make that:

but isn’t the same. If you do a zoom you can see what i mean.

Thanks alot!!!

Hello there,

I thought you should apply the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css?

  height: 100%;

.page-id-272 #main,
.page-id-272 .site,
.page-id-272 #pl-272,
.page-id-272 #primary,
.page-id-272 #pg-272-0,
.page-id-272 .page-wrap,
.page-id-272 .entry-content,
.page-id-272 .content-wrapper,
.page-id-272 .content-wrapper > .row,
.page-id-272 .siteorigin-panels-stretch{
  height: 100%;

Let me know how it goes.


Hello Kharis! thanks alot for all your replies!
Doesn’t work.

i haven’t any solution on page builder? or similiar. If I solve on CSS dosn’t work for the future :frowning:

Thanks alot!

I check the page. It’s a full screen slider, but i can see 3 pictures per page. i can’t found any slider like this…

Hello there,

Apologies, the feature you want to replicate is not easy to achieve. We can’t help you further on this matter because it against our support policy. I’d strongly recommend you to hire a freelancer at or other similar service.

Thank you for your understanding.