Problem changing Font

I need support to change the font displayed in the body of the posts of my blog.
I have tried using the customizing tool directly from the Appearance menu and picked ‘Open Sans’ from the list you provide, but when I apply changes I see the font hasn’t changed. It’s the same that comes with the original theme.

What am I doing wrong? How do I change the font-family? The only font I want to change is the one used for text througout the theme. I am ok with the fonts you chose for headlines, buttons, headers, footer, etc.

Can you help me?
Edit: my blog is at

Hi, are you using WP-Super-Cache plugin? Try to disable caching plugin, change font, and when changes take effect enable plugin again?

Yeah, that worked!!
I was using super-cache :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!

Now, one more little thing… how do I change the size of the font?

You can install simple custom css plugin and apply custom css code below. It will impact most of the page.

body {
  font-size: 16px;

If you want to be more specific and change font for specific section just tell me.

Ok, I just installed the plugin you indicated.
Where does that code go? style.css?

Appearance > Custom CSS and paste code

Thank you! It worked!