Pro subscription could not activate

I have bought the yearly pro subscription without an account. Then I received a email saying “An account will have been created for you automatically.”
But I didn’t get any account information. So I signup an account with my email which is the same as the one I’m getting my purchase confirmation.
But in my account, my purchase history goes “You have not made any purchases”

Now I don’t know where to get my purchase and where to download the pro themes.
Please help.

Sorry that if this is the wrong place to ask this as I sent a “Contact us” form get no reply and I cannot find any other ways to contact customer service.

Hi Rocqit
I have the same problem, also made the purchase today. Did you find any solution of how to contact correct People at athemes?
Regards Jostein

Hi Jostein,

No really. I could not find any contact phone number or contact email from their website.
All I have done is send a message from Contact Us form and reply the confirmation email I got from purchase. But both got no reply so far. That why I came here created this post. Really need to download the pro theme to start my website soon. Hopefully someone can reply here.


Hi Rocqit
I did the same and still no answers. Also I sent email to, but no reply yet. Also I sendt a Message on their facebook accont. I will notify you if I get reply.

Thanks Jostein,

Good luck to us! :slight_smile:

Hi Rocqit.
Did you get any reply from athemes?
I still have not managed to get in touch with anyone thru their channels??
I se one other person have the same problem.

Cool. Thanks Jostein. I still have not got any response from anyone from athemes. Feel like no one is working for the this company. No contact channels. No support people.

Hello Jing, we try to answer within 24 hours (except weekends). I asked person that handles payment issues to check this issue.

@Jostein, please create a new topic for your issue to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman. I have created the following topic, please assist.

Okay, thank you. Let’s proceed there.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Thanks very much for your response. That’s really good. Just to clarify as well, I have paid for the yearly access for all the pro themes.

Which email did we send the purchase receipt to? I can’t find you under jjz… email.

Thanks for your reply Charlie. Now when you mentioned this, just realized, I didn’t even receive a receipt. All I have got in the email is the following:


Hey there,

Thanks for choosing one of our themes. I hope it helps you to create an awesome website.

Here are some things you should know.

You can download your theme from your account page at any time. An account will have been created for you automatically.
If you have questions about your theme, please head on over to our forums and we’ll do our best to help you.
All the best,


My email address (jjz…) was correct. I also not sure why in the email it goes “Thanks for choosing one of our themes” as I have purchased the yearly access for all themes.
Please help.

I can send you the bank receipt if you want as I didn’t receive a receipt from athemes.

Yes please send the bank receipt to charlie[at]

Hi Charlie,

I have actually received the receipt. I have missed it because the sender was FastSpring checkout not aThemes.
My order ID is ATH180826-2582-21172
I have also forwarded you my receipt. Can you please help?

Thanks a lot