Pro features for Child Themes

I’ve posted this earlier in the Bistro Forum but since that’s a free theme, I’m guessing it doesn’t get checked as often. I have paid for Sydney Pro.

I’m absolutely smitten with your Sydney theme and the child theme Bistro! It’s perfect for my current project. I began Bistro and decided that the benefits of Sydney Pro would give me that extra ‘umph’ I was looking for. I bought Sydney Pro last night and made the changes to my customize options as needed.

Small problem! Bistro doesn’t seem to have the Sydney Pro options in Customize and Sydney Pro doesn’t seem to use the Restaurant plugin.

Any way I can have my pro-cake and eat it too?

As requested my website’s url is


Yeah, sorry for that. The Bistro forum isn’t very active.

So Bistro works on top of Sydney but it’s really easy to make it work on top of Sydney Pro:

  • switch to a different theme;
  • go to Appearance > Editor and select Bistro from the top-right option;
  • the style.css will open automatically. In the first few lines find Template: sydney and replace with Template: sydney-pro;
  • reactivate Bistro.

Edit: also, please note that any Customizer changes you want need to be done with Bistro active - that’s how WordPress saves them.

Perfect! That solved it. Thanks! I have another question related to my design. Should I post here or make a new topic?

Probably best to open a new topic so people can search for answers easier.

After a quick search, I found an answer to the other question. Thanks again! Great support! I’ll definitely recommend to my friends.