Primary menu changes from link

This may be a problem beyond your support here but I hope you can help.
I’m using several plugins in Moesia, to create a link from a map to a store page.
Plugins are MapifyLite for the map and Ecwid for the store.

The error occurs when I link from a map location description (the description is created like a wordpress post), to a product in the store. The link works ok, but the store page menu, set to the primary menu for the site, changes. Each menu name, i.e. ‘home/contact us/our location’ etc. changes to the product name. So I see for a link to ‘custom built surfboard’ a menu that reads ‘custom built surfboard/custom built surfboard/custom built surfboard’.

The menu functions as before. That is to say I click the first ‘custom built surfboard’ in the menu and it takes me to the home page.

Is this something the theme is controlling, or the map or store plugins?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Sorry, please ignore the question.
The store plugin just needed updating to latest version, which solved the issue.