Price difference on Astrid Pro

Hi, the Astrid Pro theme is displayed at 59 EUR here:

When I click on the button to purchase:

Astrid Pro

Total: €69.00

Could I get a discount code?

Thank you.


Hello Hilton,

Thank you for your interest to purchase.

I will pass this to our account manager. We’ll be back to you soon with the solution.

aThemes Support

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Any news? Also, should I expect anything to break if I already have the free version installed and then replace the free version with the pro version, or does the pro version only add some features?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hello there,

My apologies for the delay, because we’re distributed company and we’re living in different continents. Our account manager will be able to manage it as soon as his time permits.

At this time you can use Astrid free version, here is the documentation you can follow. When you get the Astrid Pro file, you just need to install through your site’s plugin (Dashboard > Plugins > Add New).

I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support