Prettyphoto bug: not responsive, not showing all images


I have 2 issues with the image gallery (prettyphoto).

  1. Not all images are shown. Only the number of images displayed on the Project page are shown in the pop-up gallery, this group than repeats itself. If I recall correctly, all images uploaded to the Projects were shown in the pop-up view regardless of the number chosen to be on display on the page. This is not working anymore.

2a. The pop-up gallery is not responsive. On the iPhones 4, 5, 6, the pop-up is tiny. Its buttons sit on each other, so it is not navigable.

2b. Full-screen mode extends the image far beyond window size. Also when resizing desktop browser window this phenomenon can be seen.

Your demo of Moesia-Pro has the same issues.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry, I forgot the url:


  1. Not really sure I know what you mean. The pop-up gallery on the front page only displays each featured image from each project. This is how it always worked.

2a. It actually is responsive, it’s just that it looks like the script sets a far too small width for the pop-ups. I’ll see about making some manual corrections for this.
2b. Same as the previous, some manual corrections will be needed.

Hi Vlad,

thanks for the quick answer.

to 1. Let me explain better: The number of images displayed on the front page can be set in the editor (in my case set to 9). When clicking on an image the gallery pops up. Clicking through the gallery all project images (in my case 25) would display – one after the other of course.

At least I remember it that way. Am I wrong?

Nope, that never happened. It’s not even possible to happen like this because prettyPhoto builds the gallery only from the projects that are actually displayed in the widget. So the rest of 16 projects don’t exist as far as prettyPhoto is concerned.

Ah, well … than it wass a chache issue – in the browser and my brain!

Very much looking forward to your answers regarding topic 2.