Preloader issue

Hello, I have a problem with the preloader. Somehow it shackles a shortcode loading ( I try to use Photo contest pluggin -
The developper tells me that preloader has Background white property (#FFF) and if I remove that property it will work well. In the meantime, sounds a bit clumsy : the plugin use jquery 3 and sydney theme is jquery 1, so it may also causes to conflict.
I’ve tried to use this CSS ".preloader {display: none !important;} (another post on the blog) but in vain.

Here is a pic:

Any solution ? CSS code ?


Hello there,

To remove default preloader, try adding the below code to your child theme’s functions. Or use a functionality plugin like Code Snippets if you aren’t running a child theme.

    add_action('init', 'sydney_child_remove_preloader');
    function sydney_child_remove_preloader() {
      remove_action('sydney_before_site', 'sydney_preloader');