Preloader breaks Google PageSpeed Test


Just some days ago I noticed that the Google PageSpeed Test got a now warning for my page: “Prioritize visible content”.
The original screenshot just shows the preloader: PageSpeed Screenshot

The total page load time is still less than a second and the preloader still feels OK from the user perspective. Anyway, I could not find a workarround for the PageSpeed Test, even
display: none !important
did not help.

Therefore I wonder:

  • Did Google change the behavior for “Prioritize visible content” / is anyone experiencing the same issue?
  • Does someone known, when exactly Google takes the “original screenshot” - do they wait for a specific timeout or something similiar?
  • Are there other possible workarounds?

On the other hand, it could also be a side effect of decreased performance of my hoster.

Thank you for any hint

Hello there,

If you can live without a preloader, you’ll remove it from your site, follow this tutorial.

Regarding to your other questions relate with Google’s tool, I’d recommend you find out the answer on Google’s support channel here as our support forum is aimed specifically for our products.

By the way, WordPress codex has provided a comprehensive guide in improving your site’s performance, which can be read on here. I hope you find it helpful.

Hi Kharis,

Thanks you for your hints.
Hiding the preloader with display: none; does not have any effect on (my) PageSpeed result.

I’ll continue optimizing the overall performance or moving to another hoster :wink:


Great! You’re welcome.

Thank you for creating with Sydney.