Powered by wordpress child theme

I want to learn how to change the wordpress designed by sydney in the child theme and also know how to delete it. Thanks for reading


Did you have a child theme already? If so, you can duplicate footer.php from your parent theme to your child theme and you’ll find the theme credits in those file.

So how much of the code do I put to style sheet to take off or modify the designed by footer?

to just no show the ‘proudly presented by’ message,
add the following lines to custom css:

.site-info {
display : none;

Perfect But how do I take off the grey part also?

which grey part? can you post the URL of your site?

It is dark grey in the bottom I want to take that off to put information all the way in the bottom the terms copyright and that


This css code should worked:

.site-footer {
    display: none;

Thank you very much!