Potential HTML5 issue


When configuring the theme, I am currently experiencing the following issue:

When I try to scroll down the home page it does not scroll down unless I use the Arrows on my keyboard. I am currently using the Pro version of Moesia.

Also, there is no clear indication on how to replace the main header scrolling images with a video that plays instantly as soon as you go onto the page. Your guidance would be much appreciated.


Could you post a link to your website so I can see the issue? It’s nothing we’ve experienced before so it might be plugin-related.

You can either use the built-in video mode available in Customizer > Video or you can use Revolution Slider (recommended) from Customizer > Revolution Slider. Let’s handle the scrolling thing first and we’ll see after that if you need help with setting up a video in your header.

Thanks for getting back to me Vlad! I just tested it when I am not in customiser mode and it seems to work fine, the issue is when i try to scroll in customiser mode only. i don’t want to waste any more of your time with this so I can leave it for now.

Thanks for the instructions on how to implement the video element! Most grateful.