Potential hack


Junglely.com’s footer was changed back to “powered by wordpress” and specified the theme after I changed it a while ago. This happened before updated the theme. So I updated the theme and corrected the footer.

Next, I checked another site that uses the same theme, and I noticed that the footer didn’t change. I then updated the theme, and the footer changed to “powered by wordpress” … the same as the other site. This text change in the footer area concerns me.

Is this part of the update–it doesn’t seem so–or have those sites been hacked/cracked?

Also, a video I had posted in the background showed up twice in the homepage. I didn’t do this, but thought that it was strange. After the footer change, it doesn’t feel coincidental. Has this happened before to anyone? What could be the cause?



Theme files get overwritten when you update the theme. It’s how WordPress updates work. So you will lose your changes if you’ve modified theme files directly. That’s why child themes are useful.

Would need more info and a link to your site regarding the video thing.