Potential Bug - Adding Separator Removes Row Styling


this row has the widget “Separator A - Slanted” and the Title for the widget will not center, also reduces font size and style.

this row has no separator widget in it, just Origin Editor for some about me text.

What I tried:
I tried for a long time to change the positioning of the “WHAT WE DO” title with no luck.

It was by chance that I gave up on it and decided to begin styling the next Row, when I added the “Separator B” the title of the Row had lost its styling.

Can you please provide a fix for this or a work around?

ALSO!: How can I change the color of the title text? I see you have CSS code in other threads but it specific to the OPs website. Can you provide the code with “page number goes here” “row number goes here” etc. I will need to change quite a few and would rather learn myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time, always appreciated.

Hello Danny,

  1. Is your first widget placed in its own row?

  2. Please create a new topic for your second issue in order to make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.