Posts page masonry image size problems


so ive got a posts page and ive set it to masonry (grid style) layout for my posts.

but the problem is that the images are all different sizes. it looks very messy.

how can i make every image standardised?

kind regards


Masonry is making all your images to have their own aspect ratio, you want all images to be the same height? If yes, then, please post a link to your website and let me know what height you would like to have for your images, so maybe I can help you achieve that with some Custom CSS.

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I´d be really interested in that too! I haven´t even uploaded my images yet because I first wanted to solve this problem that they are all going to have different sizes but on the single post page they won´t have to have the same size so do you have any Custom CSS to make the image standardised on the post page with masonry grid style?
my page is: