Posts on more than one page?


Just wondering how I can get blog posts to show up on more than one page when posted? I would like to be able be able to have all of my posts show up on one page, as well as be able to separate them by category with the categories being different pages. Here is my website for reference:

Thanks for all your help!

Hi there…

You can use pagebuilder on your pages and add “Post Loop” widget to the row. There are several options for the query builder that you need to set.

Let me know if you need more help on using Post Loop widget.


I have a little problem on my Sydney theme. There is a big space right above the footer area. It’s appearing on all pages of my site. How can I get it out? Here is the link.

Wow thanks so much! That was helpful, I think I’ve got it all figured out from here :slight_smile:

Hi @fbrima1 You have different topic with this thread, please open new thread for your issue :slight_smile:

@tayloardawnc great! :slight_smile: