Posts not viewable in Sydney theme

I am switching from an existing theme to Sydney. For design setup I’m following along with the video tutorial and its corresponding text tutorial (NYC TECH CLUB). My only problem is that my posts, which were already created, are not visible. I can see them in the edit post screen, but not in "view page or in any other format for that matter. My website is Lu

Looks like there’s a conflict with a sharing plugin that throws some errors and thus stops the theme’s preloader screen from disappearing.

Sounds like this may be an easy fix. Which plugin, can you tell? I’ve noticed too, that even though the posts are set on ‘masonry’ not all conform to the setting and the featured images are all different sizes (only in post screen, not home page). Could this also be due to the conflict with the sharing plugin?

Since I didn’t hear back, I went ahead and disabled or removed most if not all of the sharing features. Unfortunately, this did not remedy the post issue. Will you help me?

Featured images should be of different sizes, especially in the masonry mode. The homepage is different because there are only 3 posts and they need to line up nicely.

Looks like you’re in maintenance mode at the moment so I cannot check again. Don’t know what the plugin was, I just noticed before that the error came from a file called sharing.js if I remember correctly.

Sorry, Maintenance Mode is now off… Hmmm, not sure which one that is. There is a Theme Junkie plugin or TJ.

Well, the posts are up now. Thanks for whatever you did, Vlad. Much appreciated, Lu