Posts in pages

Hello ,

I was wondering if someone can help me to insert specific posts into specific pages.

    I would like this post to feature in the same way all latest post are in the front page. And then I would like to remove the “Stavanger” from menu completely. So the only way it will appear would be by clicking Norway in the menu.And then clicking on the post.

  2. Blog - I would like all the posts that you see as sub-headings at the moment to be inserted in Blog like the posts in Home page. And to remove the sub-headings so there is nothing in menu underneath Blog.

  3. - just noticed I can’t even click on Blog tab at the moment - not sure what happened - can you please help me to activate the tab?

Please let me know if you need more info from me and Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Please split your queries into some topics and make sure each topic only contains one matter to resolve. Doing so, we will help us to keep this support forum well-organized and easier to read for others.

For your first query, you could use Posts in Page plugin.


I tried posts in page plugin and is not working. The pages don’t look like Home page with the list of posts.
Please advise.

Hello there,

There is no way to display post item inside a page to look like the one which resides on your homepage. I am afraid. Using a plugin like what I mentioned just an alternative. There are other plugins you could try: