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In the personnalize page, I have chosen the “full width” format for the post of my blog, but I still see the sidebar and can’t find a way to remove it…
The page :
Thanks a lot !

Hello Benjamin,

Full width is only for blog list page, and if you want to use full width page for single posts you can only achieve that with some custom css. Use custom css code below:

body.single div#secondary {
    display: none;

body.single div#primary {
    width: 100%;

Apply the code with this plugin and your single posts should look like this

All the Best!

Thank you for your support. My question might be dumb, but I don’t find where I should insert the code…since there is no css box on my post page.

Ok, just found it ! :slight_smile: It had not seen the custom css in the “appearance” section.

It worked ! thanks a lot !

Sorry, me again ! I just realize the code appears on top of the article…Don’t know what I did wrong :


Hello again,

As I can see custom css code is working, and code inside your post is probably there, because you have place it inside in one of attempts to apply the code. Try to edit that post, and check if the code is within the content.

Let me know how it turned out.

All the Best!

:slight_smile: Indeed… Sorry !
Thanks a lot, I think we can put “resolved” on this one now !
Have a great day/evening depending on where you are !

You’re welcome,

I’ll mark topic as resolved.