Post Template for Galleries and Projects

I’m struggling to find this! What I want to do is make galleries and projects use the same theme template as pages set to’composer’, basically blank with no formatting so I can put a full page background image in with Live Composer.

At present they are using a Full Width Post type template with the grey margin which I’d like to get rid of. I’ve made the template and it’s working fine for blog posts, now I just need to find how to over ride Galleries and Projects!

We are talking about single galleries and single projects, right? You haven’t made it for single blog posts either and it’s not possible to do with LC because the container class is applied to any kind of page that isn’t using the Composer page template.
Something like this would do it for the galleries for example:

.single-dslc_galleries .site-content > .container {
    width: 100%;
    padding: 0;

You should also check if that module lets you resize your images.

Brilliant that did it, Much appreciated!